Why you must try Multiple VPN connection (VPN Fusion)?

What is Multiple VPN connection (VPN Fusion)?

VPN Fusion allows you connect to multiple VPN servers simultaneously and assign your client devices using different VPN tunnels as needed. It also provides VPN connectivity to home network without installing VPN software. Mobiles, Notebook, even Smart TV, Game consoles can simply use this feature to achieve multi-VPN connection, without interrupting the original internet connection.   

Why you must try it?

Common VPN only makes single device connecting to one related VPN server with VPN software, the original internet will be interrupted. It also contains types such as OpenVPN, PPTP…etc. Sets up each of your device and VPN service would be really tricky. For devices like set-top boxes, smart TVs, Game consoles who cannot install VPN software, VPN is not even a choice. So, if you love to make things happen simultaneously as following display, try VPN Fusion! 

For Gamers, multiple VPN connections counteract DDoS attacks to prevent your device or stream from disconnecting to game servers. Building a VPN connection can simply improve the ping to game servers by changing the IP address to the region of game server. 

What can you try with VPN Fusion:

1. Set up WireGuard® client.  

2. How to watch region-exclusive shows on Smart TV/Game console?

Where to find VPN Fusion?

VPN > VPN Fusion


ASUS Router App
Settings > VPN Fusion

ASUS Router App Settings > VPN Fusion

*Supports firmware: 
Web: Later than 388.xxxxx.
ASUS Router App: Later than 388.xxxxx.
*Supports model: https://asus.click/vpnfusionmodel