Technologies and evolutions in the way of teaching and learning

  • Industry: education, kindergarten
  • Customer: prefer not to disclose

Shifts in education and learning occur regularly alongside the emergence of new methods and technologies. Given an abundance of recent changes, a Taiwan-based kindergarten wanted to upgrade its classrooms with the latest technologies for hybrid learning. Each classroom started this project with a computer connected to network-attached storage for data backup, plus dozens of networked cameras for safety and security.

However, the original wireless network for this large circle-shaped campus contained many dead zones – areas where a signal could not penetrate. After comparing many WiFi solutions, the kindergarten’s network administrator found his solutions in the ASUS RT-AC68U and ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 routers.

With ASUS AiMesh technology, it is easy to set up and scale mesh networks for optimal usage scenarios, thanks to versatile ASUS routers that have different ethernet or USB port configurations. Meanwhile, the powerful ASUS router app provides an intuitive dashboard to manage and monitor the entire network with just a few taps.

The school’s network administrator remarked, “We now have much better WiFi coverage, so we can upgrade to higher video resolutions for security camera recordings and seamlessly play high-quality multimedia teaching materials.”

Top features for a successful school WiFi network

Here are some top features when upgrading school WiFi systems with ASUS networking solutions:

  • A Fast and stable WiFi connection for hybrid learning
  • Scalable ASUS AiMesh technology with wide WiFi coverage and flexibility to fit different scenarios ranging from classrooms, canteens and libraries to stadiums
  • Easy-setup network management for network health monitoring via the ASUS router app or ASUSWRT web GUI
  • ASUS AiProtection and comprehensive VPN features providing secure connectivity even when learning from home
  • Maximum WiFi 6 capacity ensures seamless network connections for a multi-device environment

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