ASUS routers enable seamless, easy setup and secure WiFi connections with FoodZaps smart restaurant management system

  • Industry: retail, catering, café, bar, restaurant
  • Customer: FoodZaps
  • Location: Singapore

FoodZaps is an expert provider of all-in-one POS systems that enable contactless and seamless ordering and payment services via an Android app or a simple POS setup. FoodZaps offers several POS solutions — suitable for a range of operations from small cafés and restaurants to multi-branch retail businesses — that help their clients to reduce operational costs, improve manpower productivity and increase sales. 

The founder of the innovative FoodZaps smart restaurant management system was inspired by a business pain point he encountered. He was waiting for a meal that took an eternity to reach his table, and the staff who served him got his order wrong twice. He observed that the restaurant was using an outdated POS system and was understaffed at the same time. However, upgrading to a more sophisticated system requires a high level of investment for a small restaurant, while hiring more staff to improve the operation could be even more costly.

FoodZaps took the opportunity to invent a solution that is affordable and easy for anyone to setup, using cloud technology and Android. Many of today’s smart devices such as phones, tablets and TVs are based on Android. To ensure reliable, scalable and easy-to-set-up WiFi connections for smart devices, FoodZaps tested several router solutions available in the market. Eventually, FoodZaps chose ASUS RT-AX56U and other ASUS routers for integration with their POS system. 

ASUS routers are easy to set up, secure and — most importantly — stable. With reliable connectivity, FoodZaps POS solutions generate good word of mouth and a reputation for service among their clients. 

We[KT(1] [DC2]  are very pleased to have worked with ASUS for the past 7 years by integrating their routers into our customers’ setup. Their routers are very stable and we are impressed with the performance and the coverage. The routers are very functional with easily customized settings, to cater to different customers’ needs. We have no issues recommending these routers to any businesses who are looking for a stable, secure and high-performance routers.”

      Ms. Chelsea Chan

Managing Director, FoodZaps

How ASUS routers help to create successful retail or catering business networks[KT(3] 

Here are the top reasons why ASUS can help ensure your customers stay happy online:

  • Stable and fast WiFi connections for POS systems or guest networks.
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  • Easy setup and management for intranet or guest-network access, and health monitoring via the intuitive ASUS router app or ASUSWRT web GUI.
  • AiProtection Pro powered by Trend Micro™ provides enterprise-grade security for your business network.
  • Scalable ASUS AiMesh technology offers the flexibility to extend your business network.
  • Maximum WiFi 6 capacity ensures seamless network connections in multi-device environments.

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