How to improve WiFi connection

This article will help you do some troubleshooting steps if you cannot get wireless access, or keep struggling with poor WiFi signal from the ASUS router. There are a couple of conditions to review:

Wireless network abnormal/Cannot detect or find the wireless signal

Here come several reasons why your computer might not be able to connect to WiFi. The issue might also be with the WiFi, not only your computer —try if the WiFi signal also works on other devices.

Slow wireless speed

There are many factors at play that may cause your WiFi performance to be slow.It could be the strength of the WiFi signal, the wireless channel, your PC, router, or even the problem of network itself.

These are some of the methods that you can try to identify and fix WiFi connection issues.

Weak WiFi Signal

The consistent WiFi connection and network stability pretty much depend on how you positioned the wireless router. Placing your router in the best possible location and minimizing interference can greatly improve network performance.

If the WiFi signal on your device is still weak or the network speed is too slow, please refer to more troubleshooting methods below.

Improve WiFi Signal on AiMesh system

If you’re trying to ensure reliable WiFi signal for a whole house, and across two or more floors, then a mesh system is always the best choice. We recommend placing the AiMesh node between your AiMesh router and the existing dead zone, so you’ll be able to walk around the whole house and stay connected.

Setup AiMesh system

Slow WiFi may due to insufficient coverage.

The AiMesh network provides a siganl coverage to reach every corner of your home, eliminating WiFi dead zones, and creatings a seamless network. You are free to wander around your home without any interruptions. Connected devices will switch from one mesh node to another smoothly and automatically..

Mesh WiFi typically works with one main router connected to the internet, easily join more satellite nodes to the network, and expand the coverage as needed.

ASUS routers who supported by AiMesh can be added into a mesh network without hassle, and it also allows to mix different series of ASUS AiMesh-compatible WiFi routers to create an AiMesh system.

AiMesh supporting models:

Avoid double NAT when using a second router

If your modem router and wireless router are connected in series, it could divide your private network into two, and make theconnected devices can’t communicate to one another due to Double NAT (Network Address Translation).

Please follow the way below to configure your router as an Access Point mode:

Turning your new router into an Access Point

When in AP mode, your router (or mesh system) extends the existing gateway/router, and maintains single NAT setup.