Born for Handheld Game Console – Gaming Mesh WiFi System

Smartphones or handheld game consoles probably are first choices for techies and gamers, if they want to play games wherever at home. Whether it was the launch of the Steam Deck, the Logitech G CLOUD, or the never-ending flood of handheld and retro emulation content shared to social media, the landscape of portable gaming hasn’t felt this expansion since the release of Nintendo DS / PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Even after the peak of the DS and PSP, handheld gaming never really faded, thanks to the Nintendo Switch and the success of mobile games. Nintendo continues to sell Switches like hotcakes; up to November, 2022, this console/handheld game system combination sold 114 million overall. What makes portable game console always loved by gamers is their convenience. It has always been fascinating to consider having a portable gaming system. The development at play in 2022, the third year of COVID-19 pandemic with the long-lasting changes to the way we live and work, have surely contributed to the rising trend for handheld consoles. Up to October 2022, Steam Deck had been reportedly sold over 1 million units.

In addition to the portability that comes with the handheld game console’s small size, playing hardcore games with handheld mode in toilet, bed or anywhere supports the creativity of this device. It also demonstrates the necessity for a router you can place your trust in. For portable game consoles, a fast WiFi connection is essential since it enables smooth online gaming experience. A fast and stable connection makes it possible to download and upload game packet more quickly, reduces lag and latency, and gives users a more reliable connection. Also, mesh system is the greatest options if you want to improve network connection coverage, and for game aficionado, especially those who play with handheld game consoles, the world’s first ROG Rapture Gaming Mesh System, ROG Rapture GT6, will be the finest option.

ROG Exclusive Gaming Functions

Like other tri-band mesh WiFi system, ROG Rapture GT6’s WiFi signal can cover up to 6 rooms and 5,800 sq. ft. in total. The ROG’s exclusive game acceleration feature is, however, where the major distinction lies. Typically, many wireless devices, including mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs, smart home appliances, and other IOT devices, will be connected to the router simultaneously. Some devices are used for video conferencing, while others are used to watch streaming movies. It will result in slower bandwidth since the router is overloaded with devices. Packet loss and high ping rate will annoy you with frustrating gaming experience.

Now, let’s get back to the topic. ROG Rapture GT6’s game accelerators which enable game package acceleration for handheld game consoles are the best solution for overloaded devices, packet loss and high pin rate. You can say goodbye to frustrating gameplay and complicated procedures!

Gear Acceleration – Game Packet & Device Prioritizing

Step1: Enable Game Packet Prioritization

Step2: Enable Game Device Prioritization

Step3: Select Device and Apply

3-step Port Forwarding – Join your clan smoothly and quickly using the Open NAT feature.

Step1: Select Game

Step2: Select Platform

Step3: Select Gaming Device and Apply

ROG Rapture GT6

Tri-Band WiFi 6 Gaming Mesh WiFi System, Covers up to 5,800 sq ft, 2.5 Gbps Port, ROG exclusive Gameplay features

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