[2023 CES] Seeing an incredible future with ASUS

2023 CES is around the corner!

This year ASUS will “BE IN IT” as always. We are excited to announce a pioneering arsenal of gaming and business routers.

Check out our innovations on networking solutions, and a whole-new product line awaits to meet with the world, this new series may be a kickass solution for small and medium business owners. Before explore more new tech on ASUS booth, stay tune with ASUS livestream launch event, a bunch of innovations to enrich your life experience.

ASUS launch event livestream is set at 10:00 a.m.(PST) Jan 4, 2023, please save the date: https://www.asus.com/event/ces/

Come visit us at Harrah’s Level 2 Reno & Las Vegas Showroom on Jan 5-7, 2023 for more advanced products and cutting-edge technology.

[i] Compared to the previous WiFi 6 platform

[ii] Measured using WiFi 6 client connected at 200 Mbps to WiFi 6 router with RangeBoost Plus, compared to same WiFi 6 client connected at 200 Mbps to WiFi 5 router without RangeBoost Plus.

[iii] Subject to regulatory limitations, and co-existence with 5 GHz WiFi. Number of channels may be less than 7. If no 6 GHz SSID is displayed, please check whether your OS and client device are fully licensed to support the newly released 6 GHz band. You can check with your OS and client device provider for the WiFi 6E driver release schedule.